A Celebration of Craftmanship & Urban Lifestyle

Leather Goods • Denim • Woodworks • Natural Dye • Apparel • F&B
grand indonesia 26-28 August 2016
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About MakersMarket

MakersMarket is a 3-day pop-up market by MarketPlays that aims to express the meaning behind Indonesian craftsmanship, celebrating its works, and educating to the public its various forms of identity and values.

We would like to bring appreciation and recognition to the diligence of our local craftsmen, and reintroduce to the general community the eloquence of it that has been lost through the changing times.

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The Market

We will be putting a particular focus on craftsmanship, but will not be limited to it. We are aware of the culture that surrounds it, and other related items of urban lifestyle nature. Therefore, expect to find the denim to your leather goods, and the completing shirt to your natural-dyed top.


Ranging from leathercrafting workshops up to calligraphy and natural dyeing, we would like to show the public the earnest hard work that goes into a single crafted item, and invite them to experience it first hand. Learn from some of the best local craftsman who genuinely love sharing their art with others.


There will be several competitions held on the days of MakersMarket, while some will be pre-event extensions. For example, our leather goods patina competition will start months before MakersMarket, with the top 10 being displayed throughout the event, and winners announced at the end.


In aims to educate and broaden the general public’s view on craftsmanship, we will be providing several clustered exhibition spaces where on-lookers may learn more on what goes into the creation of a certain product, or the history behind specific crafts.

The Details



26-28 August 2016



Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 5th Floor






± 40,000



Craftsmanship Showcase, Urban Lifestyle
Tenants, F&B Market, Workshops & Demos Exhibition

Classic Craftsmanship & Urban Lifestyle

We seek to deliver, communicate, and express the value behind craftsmanship and our tenants’ diligent efforts. It’s our daily duty to show and teach people what goes into the creation of a single product, and all its details.

MarketPlays is an online platform that exhibits the products of our young generation’s creativity. Focusing particularly on urban lifestyle and items of classic craftsmanship, we give exposure and appreciation to local brands of leather goods, denim essentials, and other related items.


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Our Invitation to You

We would like to invite you to join us in this celebration of craftsmanship, and hope that you too will help us in spreading the appreciation for it.

If you have any inquiries regarding the event, or how you may apply, please fill in the form below and pick the right subject line, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.